SOS “Homeless”

MADPP Soup Kitchen
We gained a total of RM 3000, mainly from donations from many agencies. Our sponsor, MEX, also donated a huge amount of money for us. A brief explanation for our project : The main purpose of this project is to reach out to the poor and homeless around Ipoh in hope of alleviating their burden by providing food, clothes and services. This program is a collaboration with Dapur Jalanan Ipoh, a non-profit organization (NPO) acting as a soup kitchen that provides food to the homeless.

For the food, we prepared 150 boxes of sandwich, 100 tupperwares of spaghetti, biscuits, and bananas. We spent about RM 1700 for the foods. Apart from that, as we provided a hair cutting service for them, we used up about RM 300 to buy all the hair cutting stuff including the hair trimmer, scissors, comb, towel, mirror, shavers and razors, and a chair. Last but not least, we got RM 100 for transportation expenses which will cover the gasoline and tolls.

We departed from KKTM Lenggong at 3 pm, and arrived Medan Selera Dato Sagor approximately at 4.30 pm. Then, we set up our booth: booth for foods, and booth for hair cutting service. In between, Dapur Jalanan had supplied us a tent. It was a scorching day, but that didn’t deny our spirit to help the homeless and poor. All of us had equally assigned for every job. Almost 200 homeless and poor had came and joined us. We were shocked as we only prepared for only 150 of them. However, we managed to distribute our homemade foods equally to them. ‘Happiness’ was the only word that reflects their faces. It was a great success for us since we had planned this project for such a long time. Thanks to all donators, Mr Ainul, and those who directly or indirectly involved in making this project a huge success.


Moment #1

No guts no glory. No pain no gain. Those are my life mottos. I feel that nothing can be achieved by simply sitting and doing absolutely nothing to make dreams come true. Life can be so hard especially when you are not born with silver spoon in your mouth. It is also the time when true friends are hard to come just because you do not much money to treat them at Kentucky Fried Chicken or Burger King. That is something that I have experienced ever since my family moved to this metropilitan city and I study in the new school.

In my new school I study hard to compete with all my fellow classmates who come from all walks of life but most are from rich background. They have all that I have ever wanted in my life but fail to get. They can buy branded shoes and clothes, unlike my worn out Bata. They afford the latest handphones brands with the latest technology but me? There is nothing I could do to be on same level with them. So, I just let them show off their fancy gadgets without feeling remorse with the fact that I am only an ordinary student coming from a family clerk. I just feel sad that they act as if I do not have feelings. I do not feel the least discourage since I know that I can also be like them one day if I work hard enough to score in my SPM exam.

Day after day, night after night, Im not doing anything else but concentrate on my studies. Spm examination is just around the corner and I have no other wish apart from wanting to pass Spm with Flying colours. My parents are my inspirations. They always remind me to work hard and change our fate, make them proud as well as prove to everybody that a son of a clerk can also succeed in life and deserve some respect. At times, I feel so stressed out that I almost give up and cry. Nevertheless, thinking of my parent’s hope and wishes, I would never surrender and that is my final decision. I engage myself in group discussion, have consultations with my Physics and Chemistry teachers, the two subjects that I am weak at as well as burn as much midnight oil as possible to atain my ultimate goal-10A+ in the exam. Sometimes, I feel overworked myself but I know I have to muster every single once of my strength to pull through this ordeal and pray that it will end soon.

The most awaited moment has arrived. With prayers and good luck wishes from my father and mother, I step into my examination hall with full awareness that I have to do really well in the exam to realize all my parent’s dreams and mine. The torturous moments last for three weeks and as far as I am concerned time really flies but I trust myself that I have given my very best for each paper.

March 2016 comes I heard on the television that the SPM result will be out today. With anticipation and nervousness I walk to school with my good friend Samah. I cannot imagine getting less than 7A+ because according to my conselor, only getting 7A+ will I be able to secure any scholarship, something which is very important to me due to my parent’s incapability to pay for my tertiary education. The moment Ms. Asiah, my form teacher hands me the result slip, my heart skips a beat. i am cold from feet to toe from the suspense. Then the moment arrives! It is the most unforgettable time of my life. I mange to get 7A+ 2A and my prayer has been answered. Thank God for giving me opportunity to succeed and make my parents proud. That is the reward for my patience and harwork.

A Surgeon to A Superhero

A nerve specialist turns into a superhero.
The Marvel Cinematic Universe expanded their “universe” with this new movie, Dr Strange. It was in this film, the MCU introduced the new infinity stone, The Eye of Agamotto. Also known as The Necklace, this is the time stone, which Dr Strange used to defeat Dormammu. This necklace gave Dr Strange the ability to manipulate time, which he can repeat the current incident over and over again.

This film taught us that sometimes, it is okay to break rules in order to succeed. The Ancient One for instance, she realized that there were no one who was worthy and rugged enogh to stand and protect the earth from mystical threat; thus, she connected herself to dark dimension, absorb the power, and made her live longer, so that she can finds new apprentices to replace her. Yes, she broke the wizarding rules, but she did that to make sure the earth was free from any mystical threats that Kaecilius induced.

This idea was also depicted by Doctor Strange, where he stole the Eye of Agamotto. He illegitimately used the necklace as he knew he could controls the time when he wore the necklace. Wong already warned him that he was not ready to bear the necklace’s power; he had not enough wisdom to control the power, and he could trap in the time dimension if he accidentally lost control it. However, we could watch in the film, Dr Strange used up the necklace to defeat Dormammu from entering the Earth. Surprisingly, he managed to control the power of the necklace, and that let him to be the new bearer. Again, breaking the rules are not really intolerable things. Dr Strange saved the Earth by breaking the rules. But, don’t just simply break the rules, break the rules when the situation is very critical.


Defense of the Ancient Lore.
It began with the existence of two races, Radiant and Dire, several thousand years ago. These two ancient races were always in tension, and often got into wars. Ancestors over ancestors, it was recorded that Radiant had won more in wars than Dire.

Radiant is a verdant, tranquil place, nestled inside an oldest rainforest in the world. This is the home for the human knights, alive trees, and centaurs; there were all protected by their outstanding king, who fought in so many wars, King Omniknight. Folks used to say that their king had magical power, and blessed by the gods. They said that King Omniknight had the ability to heal instantly, that cause him to be immortal. Some said that King Omniknight was a prophet. No matter what, Omniknight was a pious man, he always solitude himself to worship the god.

Another creature, the centaurs, were the symbol of Radiant tribe. The centaurs were half human and half horse. No historical information recorded regarding the evolution of this creature. The strength of the centaurs was undoubtable. They could just charge to the groups of enemies without being wounded. Each of them had an huge axe, forged in the heart of the Holy Volcano. Those axes were blessed first by the angels before the centaurs brought them to war. It was said that, to evade Centaurs’ charge, one should bear a talisman, Black King Bar, the mask of the cursed gods.

Radiant’s arch-enemy, the Dire, located about 200 leagues from Radiant. Their king, Lich, was born in the middle of the war between the two races. He was kept by Radiant’s military commander, Kardel Sharpeye, The Sniper. Being tortured for 40 years, he was grown up with malice, and vengeance. He fled from the prison when he was 39, and claimed his throne. He became the Dire’s king for almost 50 years. He built a massive army, lead by Kael, The Invoker, in a preparation to assault the Radiant. Kael, The Invoker, owned the three ancient orbs, Quas, Wex, Exort, and that gave him the ability to cast deleterious spells. The most powerful is the Chaos Meteor, which he calls up a meteor from the outer space to strike the Earth.

It was during the second age, where the final war took place. The battle between the two races was known as The Radire. The battle started with 5 vs 5 man from both races. Omniknight, The Sniper, The Centaur Warchief, Traxex the Ranger, and Rogue Knight Sven represented the Radiant. The five best man of the Dire were Lich King, The Invoker, Huskar, The Warlock, and Mogul Khan Axe. It was a great battle, where all of them gave their fullest abilities to defeat their respective opponents.

Omniknight won the first match against Lich, he cut off Lich’s head from his neck using his sacred sword. The second one, Sniper against Invoker. Invoker won the match as he cast the Sunstrike, dealing 300 pure damage to Sniper, sent him to the gate of hell. The third match won by Huskar. He wore the Armlet of Mordiggian, which let him to heal himself when his health approaches to zero. He threw his flaming spear directly to the Centaur’s heart. The forth match, which involved Warlock and Traxex, was interfered by Dire’s army; some of the archers of the Dire fired arrows to Traxex, which end the 5 v 5 battle, and began the great war. Many of the soldiers of both races died, the barren land turns to red. Finally, both races had been destroyed by themselves, and that was the end of their rivalry.


Things Fall Apart
What I remember the most in this novel is the idea of masculinity depicted by Okonkwo. He is the perfect example of a masculine man. Doesn’t want to look weak, he always potrays his fierce, anger, egoism, and pride. He only craves for victory and fear to lose. His masculinity also leads him to his glorious moment; he married three women, become the leader of his tribe, and lives grandly with his property. He shows a good heroic quality; he won a wrestling match against the unbeatable wrestler and had fought so many wars. Although he is really egoistic, he shows his concern towards his daughter, Enzima. He was worried when a priestess took his daughter; he went to the cave several times to find his daughter. Okonkwo had unintentionally showed his loving value. He had taught me that being a masculine is a sensible thing. However, too much of everything is as bad as too little. Okonkwo’s masculinity also had led him to his failure.
If a boy wants to learn about ‘masculinity’, this is the most suitable novel to read. First thing first, if you want to gain respect from others, be a masculine. In this modern days, people will relate masculine with gentleness. A bit different from Okonkwo’s masculine, nowadays, being a masculine will force someone to always show good qualities – polite, respect, and gentle. If you always behave appropriately, people around you will admire you. This is how you can gain respect from others. For instance, are respect those criminals who keep troubling the societies? Of course no. What criminals do? Why you disrespect them? You know the answer. Apart from that, take a minister or a leader for an example. How they can be a minister or a leader? How they can gain trust from their people? Yes, it takes a long time to gain respect or trust from others, but, consistency is the key. Keep showing your good qualities until you become use to it.
Well, as I said, too much of anything is bad as too little. Too much of masculinity sometimes, is very harmful. People will also relate masculinity with egoism. Yes, egoism is good for most men, because this is the way they want to look cool. However, when it comes to relationship, don’t let the ego overpower yourself. Show your concern to your partner, especially men. Nowadays, we can witness many couples divorced because of lack of tolerance and understanding towards each other. Definitely, ego is one of the main factor. One should always take a good care of their mate,  give full attention to them, and give full commitment in the relationship. This is how a relationship will work.
Masculine can give you advantages and disadvantages at the same time. For men, be a masculine but don’t let the masculine controls you. 🙂

Killing The Innocent

The Great Depression was a severe economic crisis that took place in 1930s. Originated in the United States, it is the main setting used by Harper Lee in one of his nobel works, To Kill A Mockingbird. The novel potrays Scott Finch as the main character, facing a lot of challenges to educate herself. She lived in a society full of ignorance, racist, and poverty. Among them, the Finch was the most honored family as Scott’s father, Atticus Finch was the State’s attorney and a lawyer. ‘Mockingbird’ generally refers to the innocent people: Scott, Tom, Boo. People believed that it is a sin to kill a mockingbird since they do nothing that could harm human; they just make a melody. Thus, we can conclude that To Kill A Mockingbird is equal to To Kill An Innocent.

In this novel, Lee used social inequality as the main theme. One of the innocents, Boo Radley-physically and mentally abused by his family, was said to be a crazy man by the folks as he rarely went out from his home. Scott, Jem, and Dill try to figure out who is Boo. Their curiosity leads them to a new indirect friendship with Boo; he put gum, carved soap of Scott and Jem, and etc in the knit hole to convey message that he wanted to make friends with the children. Scott and Jem finally knew who was actually Boo; at the ending of the novel, he saved Scott and Jem from an attempted murder by Bob Ewell. We can infer that if the children didn’t try to find out who is Boo, they probably might had died in the incident, killed by Bob. We should never judge a person based on their current situation; the famous Atticus’ quote, “put yourself in their shoes” explain to us that if we want to judge a person, put ourself in their situation, feels what the felt, face the same challenges they faced, and then you literally can judge them.

Besides, whatever burdens that come to you, whatever hardships it is, always hope for the best in our life. Bob’s daughter Mayella Ewell literally depicted one of her good values-although readers might say she was just a whore. She lived in poverty, where all the folks called them ‘white trash’. Ewell’s home nestled in the town’s garbage dump. Their lawn was full of dirt and filthy. Despite of this horrible surroundings, Mayella still be able to grow her brilliant red geraniums. Tenderly cared, the geraniums suggests that Mayella desires to be better than her surroundings, to make something bright in her dull world, and to aspire to higher things. We can say that if anything bad happen to us, take it in a positive way and always hope for the best in our life. 🙂


The Conjuring 2

After the success in the three previous horror movies, Insidious, The Conjuring and Insidious Chapter 2; and a bit transition to an action movie, Fast and Furious 7, James Wan finally release the sequel of The Conjuring, The Conjuring 2. The movie still potrays Ed and Lorraine Warren as the main character, as the exorcist and paranormal investigators. 1977, the couple come out of a self-imposed sabbatical to travel to Enfield, a borough in north London. There, they meet Peggy Hodgson, an overwhelmed single mother of four who tells the couple that something evil is in her home. Ed and Lorraine believe her story when the youngest daughter starts to show signs of demonic possession. As the Warrens try to help the besieged girl, they become the next targets of the malicious spirit.

Though the genre of this movie is horror, James Wan somehow had successfully inserted many moral values through the well-directed plots. One of the moral values obviously highlighted in this movie is loyalty. For me, personally i think loyalty is the main factor of the their success in removing the dark spirit; Valak from the family. As Lorraine had saw a glimpse of Ed’s death in her dream, she doesn’t want Ed to fight the demon Valak (afraid of losing him). However, Ed still have the brave to face the hazard, to fight the demon Valak. He entered the flooded basement alone, in an effort to get into the  haunted house, which the demon waited him. Lorraine was really afraid of his action, but he managed to convince her, and he asked his wife put all of her trust on him. The movie gets more suspense as Ed accidentally hurt his eyes with hot gas from a damaged pipeline. As he couldn’t see the surrounding clearly, he held his sacred cross to protect himself from the demon while entering the house’s living room. Valak revealed herself, for the final battle against Ed. Ed was on the edge of his death, he almost fell from the window, with a sharp bark of tree below. However, Lorraine assisted him to defeat Valak. She casted the spell to Valak, causing the demon to be sent to the hell, and vanish from this world. The loyalty showed from this couple helped them in many ways to achieve the victory in the battle against Valak. Loyalty and trust among friends, family, and of course in relationships are really necessary to keep the bond always working on. Thus, we should always stay loyal and have faith to our loved one because i might say, it is exactly loyalty and trust that build the relationship. 😊